We have various slushy options for fetes, fairs and commercial hire. We can design a package that suits your event!

Slushy Machine $195


  • Twin bowl Slushy/cocktail machine
  • 20 litres Slushy mix (2 flavors)
  • Approximately  100-110 serves
  • 100 straws
  • 100 regular cups (295ml)
  • Additional slushy mix can be added to your order (extra cost)
  • IncIudes delivery, pickup up and cleaning/sanitising

2 Slushy Machines $330


  • Twin bowl slushy/cocktail machine
  • 40 litres cocktail mix (2 flavours)
  • Approx 150-160 Serves
  • 200 straws
  • 200 regular cups (295ml)
  • Additional slushy mix can be added to your order (extra cost)
  • Includes delivery, pickup up and cleaning/sanitizing


Standard Flavours


Cola, Blue, Raspberry, Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Wild-Berry, Blueberry Mango, Strawberry, Pine-Lime, Lemon, Tropical, Watermelon, Grape, Bubble-gum and Nuetral.

Cocktail Flavours



Strawberry Daiquiri (Classic Strawberry Daiquiri) White Rum

Mango Daiquiri (Sensational real mango Daiquiri) White Rum

Fruit Tingle (Raspberry, Blue curacao and lemon) Vodka

Lemon Margarita (Lemon flavoured cocktail with a tequila kick) Vodka or Tequila

Sex On The Beach (Cranberry, peach and Cointreau orange) Vodka

Cosmopolitan (Cranberry, Cointreau orange and lime) Vodka

Pina Colada (Pineapple and coconut) White rum/Milk

Blue Lagoon (Blue Curacao orange, pineapple) Vodka

Mellusion (Mellon and pineapple) Vodka

Mojito (Lime flavoured cocktail with a hint of mint) White rum

Tequila Sunrise (Orange, grenadine & lime) Tequila/Vokda

Head Rush (Orang, strawberry and peach) Vodka

Cola (Bourbon & Cola) Whisky